Career Coaching and Recruiting, both require discipline and require a genuine interest in building relationships and in the success of others.

MTI (Master the Interview) Recruiting Agency is focused on delivering recruiting solutions to our clients the employer and the job seeker with a personalized touch. We believe in working with companies, their Hiring teams to improve their culture, attract and retain strong candidates while building a team that connects and protects the company brand. We also believe that every candidate brings value, for this reason, we take time to connect with each candidate to understand their goals, ambitions, their strengths, and weaknesses allowing us to make a successful match.

Landing the right job is not about luck it is about being prepared. Your resume is your business card, and your cover letter should serve as your introduction. However, it will all come together during your presentation and that is during your interview!


Career Coaching packages  (prices are customized to clients needs
*  3-week package
*  3-month package
*  1-hour coaching session(s)


Career  Coach