We All Have A Story to Tell!

We all have a story to tell……and just because we don’t always open up and share it, it does not mean there is nothing deep to share. Imagine if rather than looking at an addict and labeling him or her as such, we were intrigued to know what led them to where they are. Imagine if we were curious enough to want to know what they've seen, felt, endured and even survived. Imagine if when we saw a homeless person we were slow to judge and quick to care. Imagine if we took the time to get to know them for the person they are; not their circumstances, what would we learn? Imagine if after listening to their story we learned that we are not much different and our circumstances are closer than we ever cared to know. Imagine if we dared to look at the youth and rather than count how many tattoos they have and the number of piercings on their body, imagine if we simply took the time to learn how they think and see the world? What would we learn?

I have to admit that I too at times see with the eyes and not with the soul yet I am very quick to remind myself I am missing the true picture. When I do that my attitude changes because I quickly go into curiosity mode. I now want to say, “Hi” and I now am interested in the story behind it all.

We are not labels……in fact we don’t like labels. It does not matter if the label seems to be positive or a compliment. Don’t call a wealthy man, “lucky” when he or she has busted their tush to achieve success. They don’t want to be treated as if things simply landed on their lap. Maybe some have been fortunate to have been born into wealth yet that is not the story of every wealthy person. There is a story of pain, struggle, uncertainty and one of determination through it all.

We all have a story, and labeling us will not do us justice.