Compete with the old you and discover a new and improved you.

I was asked earlier this week, “If I was competitive?” My response was quick, “Depends on your idea of what competitive means. If you want to know if I will knock someone down to take his or her place then, NO. I compete with the old me, with my past mentality, with my prior weakness and failures. My goals are mine and have nothing do with yours, in fact I do not care where you are headed I am focused on where I am headed. Therefore I compete with me not you!” Who are you competing with and are you better for it? Don’t get me wrong there is a place for healthy competition especially if it motivates you to aim higher and fight harder. But if competition is becoming a distraction and your focus is on beating the other without paying attention to your true needs, you might end up defeated by the same competition intended to motivate you to win. Be happy for the success of others, celebrate their achievements and do so without any hesitation. Because when we dig deep we will find that our journey although similar was not the same as theirs and our purpose in life although may seem connected in some way is indeed a personal quest.

Compete with the old you and you will discover a new and improved you.