Is that a Pyramid Scheme?

Many cringe at the idea of a multi-level company. This whole thing around recruiting and how I make money if you make money simply leaves many confused or shaking their heads. Many refer to it as the Pyramid scheme; I mean where else do you see so many people profit from selling a product. I mean that is why we love working in a company right, because it all makes sense. Does it really? Is it that different? Just because we can’t explain how things work does not make them wrong……can you explain all the levels at your company and why they make the money they do? Probably not! In fact, you might have wondered what the hec they seem to be doing up there when they are so out of touch with the real world at times.

Mary Kay, Qivana, Primerica, Visalus, Amway, Avon, Isagenix, Melaleuca, XANGO, Herbalife, NUSKIN and many others are all examples of multi-level companies (MLM). The truth is these companies all have a success rate yet only for those that are committed to pursuing the idea, more than learning, they follow a strategy or guide lines that have been tested and proven to work. People that join such ventures do so pursuing freedom, the idea that they too might be able to make a living while still enjoying their life. Not everyone who joins will succeed yet it has nothing to do with the system in place, it has to do with our vision of what we want, and the understanding of why we want it. Granted, not every company will be perfect for you, you might love financials or you might be more interested in health…….therefore research your options. Find what best connects with you and you will find that you are in a position to earn money doing what you love. Oh, but it did not work for my cousin, so what! Your cousin and you are not the same nor do you both have the same desires or level of commitment. Therefore unless you have tested your options, you simply don’t know the potential.

The next time you hear the term Pyramid…..research your company hierarchy, you just might realize it looks just like an MLM Company.