Are We Influenced? By: Eileen Gonzalez

We believe that we are in control of our thoughts, that we have defined ourselves — yet we haven’t. Much of how we think, speak and act has been ingrained in us from our early years. We have been taught it, observed it & copied it. It has become our way of life; to the point that we will even defend it, no matter if we can’t explain it. The “whatever”, or the “what’s wrong with you”, etc. might show up when we have nothing to say. Why is this? Well, it’s quite simple, we believe it and if we believe it, it must be true. The last thing we want to accept or hear is that we have been thinking, speaking and acting incorrectly. The mere thought of it, changes everything.

You don’t believe this? Sounds impossible? Well, check this out because this might have happened to you or you may have passed this influence along to the people around you.

When a child is born, both parents are delighted, they are so proud. They look at their child and say, “this could be the future leader of our country, a Doctor, Lawyer” … and you name him or her. The child begins to grow and begins to dream, however the parents in need of protecting their kids and to ensure their kids are living in reality, they give them the gift of REALITY – they teach them how life really works. Out of love they might say, “Son / Daughter, you were not born in a rich family, that which you want, does not happen to people like us”. Words used might change, yet you get where I am going right? I know for a fact in my life I was told many times that poor people die poor and rich people die rich. Dreaming to have more was a nice dream but I needed to live in reality and remember I was poor.

I was told I could not afford to go to college since I was in middle school. I guess it was to ensure I would not ask when the time was to arise.

As I got older I was clear on the division of the haves and have not’s; I knew my place and I understood that it was how it was meant to be. Do you have similar stories? OH boy! The things we are told and the things we accept to be true. When I began my journey of self-discovery or self-improvement depending on your point of view, it took me 3½ years to get it, too really understand it. It took me so long because I could not understand how all my beliefs were holding me back. I had to break free of the years of conditioning and my acceptance to having no choice.

Let me tell you, saying you want to break free and doing it, is not the same thing. When you choose to break free you need to challenge your mind, you need to push yourself past what you think you know and reprogram your mind with thoughts of better. You need to stop telling yourself that you are meant to be poor, or meant to live in a certain way and choose to understand that you are capable of better, capable of more.

Are you influenced? When did you decide to vote Democrat or Republican? Was it before you were of age, because of what you heard at home or was it because you really understood the views and how they played out in your life? When did you choose your religion? Was it before you were born or was it by reading, exploring and finding the religion or spirituality that connected with your soul? When did you decide that right was right and wrong was wrong? Was it when your parents, school and other authority taught you or when you understood it by your own experiences and for what you knew from your inner being to right or wrong?

So I ask, are we living a life influenced by the teachings of others or are we living a life in line with our vision?

I am a parent of two. My son is 22 and my daughter is 17. My son left before I began this journey. Therefore all my teachings to him were based in my old mentality. My daughter has had several years of seeing me fight for better and hearing me preach better. I wish I would have known then what I know now, however there is nothing I can do about that. But, I can continue to move on and teach by example.

Get clear on why you think, speak and act as you do. Get clear on the life you want to live and commit to living a life of purpose, a life of reaching your full potential. See article at:

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