It’s time you let your light shine!

Many tell me they feel a connection with me, they find hope and comfort in my words. Yet as much as knowing this warms my heart and reminds me of my purpose, none of this would be possible without God in my life. You see, I found his love and mercy when I needed hope and light, when things were going wrong. Therefore as good as it is to read my words or the words of others, as uplifting as it may be to follow the guidance or council of those that have endured great pain; you must remember that it is all possible because of the mercy of our God. Every word you read, every voice you hear, every song, every poem, every sign that motivates you to push orward is brought to you by the love of your God. We who help you or motivate you are simply part of the plan. God can and will work through many and sometimes through the ones least expected in order to catch our attention…….therefore put your trust in God because at the end He is the light that lives within you. It’s time you let your light shine!