Time of Uncertainty or Time to Re-Invent Ourselves - You get to choose!

You might watch this video and think, “Think this woman is out of her mind!” However listen to the message and take it in. When we go through a loss of employment be it due to lay off or being fired, we are taken off balance. We are left with more questions than answers. Let’s face it, we have a problem, that is for sure. No one will debate you on this, however we will not fix it by feeling sorry for ourselves and dwelling on the missing paycheck. We need to maintain a clear mind because these tough times will require mental toughness. We need to do several things right from the start. 1- Update your resume Your resume is more than just throws a work history; it is your profile. It will allow the potential employer to know who you are, what you’ve done and what you are looking for. It will also show them what you are qualified for regardless if those qualifications are a requirement or not. Understand that you are competing with many and that your resume must stand out. Therefore if you need help, it might be wise to pay to get your resume prepared by a professional rather than to wing it. The good news is that some companies as part of their severance package offer you these types of services - use them.

  • This is the time to actually review all you’ve done throughout your career and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Define what your idea of the perfect job, career or business might be

What about that line of work is most appealing to you?

Why would it be a perfect fit for you?

What skills from your past experience will help you in this line of work?

What will be your next steps towards this path?

How committed would you be toward this new path?

  • Getting clear of what you want and why you want it will help you create your perfect resume and allow you to mentally prepare for the road ahead.

2-Begin your search, we all know that you need a job to get back on your feet. Yet while you are searching, you can do a double search or better yet research. This will be dependent of how much time you have or how far your savings if any will carry you.

  • Know your options

How much money do you need and want?

What type of hours do you want to work?

How much distance are you willing to commute?

What skills do you have vs. what skills do you need?

  • Know your worth

It is important that you are clear on your value, because let’s face it in today’s economy Employers are offering you less and expect you to do more. This is not something we can avoid, but it is something we can push back on, that is if we are clear on our value and our needs. Do the math, do the research and see how much is the minimum you need to provide without needing a second job. Remember, if you don’t know this, you might sell yourself short and end up sacrificing your personal time and freedom just to get by.

Be informed, take as many free online trainings as you can, do the research, you will be surprised at the resources that exist. If none available for your area or line of work, you can find articles, magazines or books that can give you more insight in that which you want.

Expose yourself…..dare to say, “I’m here” You might not always get what you want, but you are always much closer than if you stay quiet and to yourself.

3- Commit to what you want and define a plan. You need to treat this time of research as a job. One that can help you make the money you want in the type of work you want.

4-Monitor your progress and never give up. Even if you find a job that will help pay the bills, keep your focus on creating the perfect opportunity for you. You never know where this new mentality will take you, but it’s worth finding out.

Unemployment is not easy, and it can seem as a time of darkness, yet in this time of darkness we can still find a way to open new doors; but this comes from choosing to re-define yourself.

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