Our Goals are Reached Outside our Comfort Zone!

Have you ever noticed how some amazing Actors are really bad at giving interviews? I mean some can actually put you to sleep. They know it, in fact they know that their best performance is behind a camera. That is why some Actors will only work behind a camera and never do a live performance.

Imagine if they allowed the discomfort of having to do live interviews keep them from fulfilling their dreams of acting! That would be a bummer right?

Well many of us do allow the discomfort of our fears get in the way of our dreams. We allow the discomfort and fear to dictate what we can or can't do, yet it's all in our mind. You see if we accepted the discomfort as the 20% challenge of our goal and focused on the 80% which is what we love doing we would find that the benefits outweigh the inconvenience. What dream are you pushing off due to a weakness? What dream are you not fulfilling due to fear? Which is the true sacrifice, giving up on your dreams or pushing past your comfort zone? Your dreams are too valuable to be sacrificed due to fear.