The End of a Marriage

Original post dated July 2013 It is sad to a see a marriage end, yet the end of a marriage is the end of a journey......When one journey ends we embark on a new one. When 2013 began I had no idea I would be going down this path, but it happened. One day I opened my eyes and I realized I had lied to myself and had settled for less than I deserved. But I am no victim as I know in my heart my husband needed someone better as well. He deserves to find happiness, bliss just like I do. This marriage did not fall apart due to one being evil; it fell apart because we were just not the perfect match. On July 7th I would had celebrated 23 years - seems like a lifetime, yet the relationship was not there to save. I walk away with this, being thankful for the years of hard work he gave his family, for the two beautiful children we made together and I walk away knowing we are both still young to pick up our lives and find the happiness we both deserve.

I know what I want, I know where I am headed and I know what I will give when the time is right. If you are going through a divorce, know that life does not end with divorce. When one door closes another will open. We should never resort to divorce without trying to save our marriage, but we can't live a lie......we can't hold on to something that is not there.

If you are going through a divorce, push aside the pain, walk away with gratitude for the good that once was shared and be grateful for both now have the opportunity to start again.

God bless you all........and keep your head held high for good things are on the way!

Picture shown is a comparison from wedding date July 7th 1990 and July 7th 2013 Update as of June 10, 2014 It’s been almost a year since I wrote this piece and I must tell you that as much as this process was filled with uncertainty and heartache, the decision made was the best decision of my life. I stayed in my marriage for years out of fear and doubt. As I look back I know that I did not think properly on why I was staying and I did not do any favors to anyone by staying. You see when a relationship does not work and you have tried your best, you have to take a stand and look at the bigger picture. Are you a good parent while miserable? Is giving our kids two parents in the same home always fighting healthier than two parents living apart and at peace? Look, we sometimes think our kids don’t know, or see what is going on yet they see it all. The worst part is that their future ideas of what a marriage looks like is mainly based on what they learn from us. Therefore the only favor you can do to yourself and your kids is to be happy, to live a life in harmony, full of life and to flourish. We all would love to find that special someone and be with them till the end of our days, yet don’t lie to each other, a marriage that does not work hurts not just the couple, it hurts the children that are exposed and which can be manipulated into taking sides. I like many would love to find one day that special someone who will be by my side till I die, yet I will never short sell myself by settling for less than I deserve. You and your partner both deserve to find true love, happiness and joy!