GOD is in Charge! It's time we trust Him!

I was driving home and as many of you know my car is my church; it does not matter if I am looking for answers or not, I will find them. As I am driving, my thought was, “GOD is in Charge”. That was all I needed to hear in my mind, because immediately I began to see areas in my life in which God has taken charge. There are many things going on in my life which are truly transforming my life and in fact, I can tell you “2014 is my year”. However for a while there I was not sure how things were going to come together. As many of you know I do not go to church, and honestly I do not feel the need or desire to do so. I commend you if you do and invite each and every one of you to find a church that helps you connect and if you are like me………open up and trust God. You see, I found God thanks to this journey of self-improvement, and I am all about taking control of my life. You might be thinking. “You are not in control, only God is!” I am not debating that but give me a chance to explain.

I know that I have control, because God equipped me with the skills, dreams, purpose and potential within me; however he expects me to use them. He is not going to come down and fulfill my role; he is expecting me to use the gifts he entrusted in me and fulfill the role he defined for my life. However to do so, I need to have faith, unwavering faith I must add. It’s important to call it out as unwavering because many of us, including those that go to church every week, don’t have unwavering faith and it shows in how they go about their lives. They will use statements as “If God wants me to have it, he will provide for me” or “If God wants me to change, He will change me”. Yes, God can do all of that and more, yet God gave you and me all we needed to achieve our goals and now it’s up to us to BELIEVE and TRUST in his gifts and use them. Not using them basically means we don’t believe we have it in us. That is why we go about life living a life that is not in alignment with the life we were meant to live.

Now, having said this……I have control to use my gifts in faith and to become who I was meant to be. However I learned from my own experience that when I invited God to take charge, He showed up and took over. That did not mean that I could sit back and do nothing, it just meant that he was working in combination with me to make things happen. And for this to work He needed me to stop worrying, and stop trying to make things happen in my timeline. All I had to do was trust in HIM and move forward. Make sense?

God has a perfect plan and perfect time for you and I…….and when you invite him into your life and ask him to take change you, and to help you, He will accept your invitation and He will get to work fast. You might not see it, you might not understand it, and in fact you might even feel frustrated because at times your path seems to be going in the wrong direction. Yet God is on a mission, He will bring what you need and remove what you don’t. He will take you through the long route if He knows that path will make you stronger and wiser or He will speed up the process if He knows you're ready. That is why we need to trust Him and move forward in faith.

  • God has entrusted you and me with gifts to be shared with the world…….Are you sharing them?

  • God says trust ME and follow….. Do you trust him enough to follow him in that lonely, long or confusing path?

  • God is accessible to you …….Do you reach out and open up about your fears, doubts and dreams?

God is in CHARGE, He has defined our purpose in life. Yet you are in CONTROL as only you can choose to use what God has given you.