Job Security - What's that?

If you are thinking that you are safe from unemployment, then you are not living in reality. It does not matter how many degrees you have, you’re years of service, and your willingness to learn or bend over backwards for your company. At the end, it’s about cost savings and a company just like we do in our personal lives, looks to make the best use of their money. Therefore when companies are not meeting their numbers, they will look to make up in some way and many times this can mean downsizing.

In this economy we have seen professionals unemployed for over a year……this can be overwhelming for many; especially when they need to provide for their families. So what do we do? Do we ignore the possibility or do we equip ourselves with options? We need to think of this as we do at our office…..we are constantly being told to be proactive rather than reactive, that’s actually great advice not just for the office but for our personal lives as well.

  • Are you secure in your JOB?

  • Are you doing what you LOVE to do?

  • Are you BUSY creating better or BUSY simply getting by?

  • Have you or anyone you know been a victim to OUTSOURCING?

You can try to not teach others what you know thinking this will guarantee you a job yet at the end you are just a number. You will be employed as long as they have a need or as long as they can AFFORD to have that need.

So, what's next?

Do you wait for your time to be up, or do you start preparing yourself with alternatives in the now?

  • What are your unique skills?

  • What areas can you improve?

  • What type of work, career or business mostly interests you?

  • What is required from you to move toward these opportunities?

  • If you lost your job right now, how protected are you financially and for how long?

You think learning new things is tough? You think you don't have the time?

Well let's see what you think when you are OVER QUALIFIED for the under paying jobs out there. Let's see when you are forced to take a job you hate just because you have no other options. Let's see when you are forced to work two jobs just to come out even or simply GET BY! If you think you learning new things are tough now, you will find it even harder when you are dealing with desperation and confusion. The time to get creative is now; your goal should be to be prepared with options, to be one step ahead. We can’t depend on job security….we can only depend on our ability to redefine ourselves and to stay ahead of the game.

It's not circumstances that create our future, it’s our DECISIONS!

It's your Future......It's your Choice!

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