My Life Sucks......That depends on Me!

My Life Sucks!

How many times have you heard someone say this, or have you said this out loud? Life seems hard at times and it will surely test our endurance. It will push us against a corner and see how much fight we still have within us. Let's face it, there are times that crap just comes our way. Yet, those are the times we need to make a conscious decision to fight for our lives; to fight for our right to have peace and freedom. When we cave into our pain, to our misery, we are making it easy for evil to set in. We are making the job of the devil much easier as he does not have to do much to keep us at bay, he just has to taunt us with a memory or two of our past mistakes, or whisper a word of fear into our ear and we become stuck.....stuck in a prison tailor made for us. Actually we made that prison for ourselves. We built the walls every time we accepted defeat, every time we allowed ourselves to be victimized, every time that we felt sorry for ourselves.

For some of us that prison is built overnight...we put in overtime into the building of such. For others that prison is built through years of struggling between good and bad feelings and ultimately losing the battle. Yet this prison we built for ourselves is the worst prison of all, it’s that way because we can actually choose to walk out of it at any time. You see, there is no judge or jury, the cell is not even locked, all we have to do is push the gate open and out we go. Yet we don't, we sit in the center of our cell feeling as a failure. We feel that life can't get any worse. We question our existence, our purpose, we even question if God exists or even remembers us. Life can be tough, and it will challenge us. However through those challenges we are learning, and we are growing. Through the pain we are getting stronger, faster and wiser. My Life Sucks......that's true only if I allow it too be true. When life gets tough, I choose to get tougher.....When life pushes me to a corner, I choose to push back. How about you?