Sometimes it just Hurts!

As I am working on my next book, I reached a chapter which brought a heavy gloom over me. I was two pages into the chapter and I simply highlighted both pages and hit delete. I began again, yet with each word, heaviness fell upon me and I had to stop. As I write this post, my chest is tight not in pain but in discomfort from the heaviness.

We can overcome many challenges yet we can’t pretend these never existed or hurt us. We can change things and get better yet that does not mean the scars are not present. I think many of us wish we could erase things in our lives, undo pain or even forget, yet all those things are part of who we become. All those lessons help mold us.

I could have kept this to myself yet I know that someone out there is fighting something and sometimes it’s a memory they’re fighting. We can’t win the fight by pretending it does not exist or that we don’t feel. We win by acknowledging it, facing it and reminding ourselves that we are defined by this moment not by the past.