Are You Aware?

Be it at work, home and many times even driving, we become robotic. We just do what we need to do yet we sometimes don't even realize when or how we did it. Have you ever reached your destination only to realize you are there? It was as if you were hypnotized and the car just drove to you to where you needed. You know this feeling? Have you ever been asked to teach a procedure, yet its much easier to just do it because you can't explain exactly what goes into doing what you do? Has someone ever been speaking to you only to call your name in an attempt to re-capture your attention? Where did you mind go? Probably lost in all the tasks that still await you, yet you're so caught up you are unable to focus on the now. If any of this sounds familiar......take some time to look into what you do, free yourself from the hypnotic rhythm and acknowledge the value of what you do. Know it, understand it and celebrate it because your work, your actions are not just robotic, these have meaning and should be recognized....especially by YOU. don't have to fix the Breathe