I Want it Now!

We tend to become impatient when things don’t happen as quick as we want, especially when we have done our part and now we are forced to wait on others. It’s such an awful feeling which increases by our emotions of desperation. We simply want it now…..we want to see results; we want to receive that which we have fought for.

Let’s face it our desperation will not speed up the process, on the contrary to us it will feel as if time stood still. We all know this is not true as time continues to move at the same pace yet our desperation is such we feel time has come to a halt.

What do we do when plagued with desperation? I wish I had a magic response to this one, yet we must learn to become patient. We can follow up to make sure the other parties are not missing something and fill in the blanks as needed yet other than that, we must learn patience. At the end; and I believe this to be true, at the end we will receive what we need. Therefore once we have done everything we need to do, and still do not achieve, it may simply be we are in line for something better around the corner.

We need to learn patience, acceptance, and understand that a perfect plan and a perfect time have already been set for us, by our Creator! God has the answers we seek……but until we silence the mind and calm our nerves we will not receive those answers.