Do you Know?

If you are not yourself then who are you? Do you even know? I hear this time and time again, “I am me. I know what I want and I speak my mind”. Sometimes who we say we are and how we say we behave or act is not entirely true. We say it, and in some way we might even intend to be that person yet somewhere along the line we end up losing ourselves. Think it’s not true? Simple…how happy are you? Are you truly happy with who you are and how you live? Do you find yourself sacrificing more than you should? Do you find yourself pissed at others for taking advantage of you and for your inability to speak up or stand up firm on your beliefs? I find that when we’re truly open and honest, we don’t negotiate who we are. We don’t find the need or desire to short sell ourselves and we will not pretend to be or do anything that goes against who we are. If you are not yourself then who are you? You are worth more…you are valuable as the person who you are meant to be. Being anyone other than your true self is a disservice not just to you but to the world. Aim to be the best version of you and aim to share the very best of you with the world.