A Conversation with my Daughter!

A conversation with my Daughter

Several months ago I took a drive with my daughter and we talked about many things, yet this conversation was to stay with me and change how I thought about prayer. This is a repost, hope you enjoy it.

I took a long drive with my daughtert today and we spoke about every topic we could think of and very candidly I must add. My daughter is very bright and it is very interesting to hear her thoughts on all topics. She said something I want to share with you and it was on God and the Devil. Listening to her perspective really blew me away because she said something that even though I know it to be true, I don’t think I ever quite thought of it that way.

My daughter says……..”People need to be careful how they pray; in fact they need to learn how to pray. When I pray, I know if GOD does not give it to me, it’s because he either knows it’s not good for me or He has something better for me. But I think when we simply pray for something and we want it and simply want it; when God does not give it to us, the Devil can step in and use our requests in his favor. He can trick us by sending us what we think we want knowing very well that it will make us happy at first and then it will cause us to suffer. God does not want us to suffer so that is why he did not give it to us. But we are so insistent that our prayer must be on that which we want. So in some way we make it easy for the enemy to step in and trick us…..and then when we find ourselves suffering we wonder why God gave it to us if we were not going to be happy. We then wonder why God has abandoned us or turned his back on us. When we pray we need to know not to ask for what we want but to ask for wisdom so that God can show us what is best for us”

I was listening to my 17 year old and honestly my first thought was, “Was that my kid?”, then I smiled because I must tell you, I find that my CAR is the place where I find clarity and it was so exciting to hear my daughter have such a deep thought on a topic which is not so common with many kids today.