Expect Good Things!

I used to get confused when I heard the words, “expect good things”. I had so much doubt in my mind and in my heart that I felt that if I expected things to be better I would suffer disappointment. Much has changed since then, and I must tell you I expect things to be better. Not only do I expect it, I reject any doubt that arise. The funny thing is my mind almost instantly will go into self-talk and set me straight.

We can’t move forward if every step we take is full of doubt. We can’t achieve better if we don't believe we can. We can’t remain motivated if our self-talk is louder than our words of encouragement. I used to get confused not because I could not achieve but because I did not truly believe. I could not believe in anything greater than what I saw because I had no belief in my own potential. I now expect better because I now know, I finally understand that I have more power than I ever thought possible and by this understanding, I learned to know the power and mercy of GOD.