Feeling displaced?

Many of you know that I sold my home this past July and even though it was bitter sweet, it was part of my journey toward better. It came sooner than me getting my apartment which I am on a waiting list “can’t wait to get in”. Since leaving my home my daughter had to temporarily move with her Dad and I went to my Parents home. Of course my Parents treat me well, but where do I want to be? I want to be home with my daughter. I long for the day I get the call with a move date. As of right now I am hoping for November yet I know that it may take longer. Why am I sharing this with you? My daughter and I both feel displaced, we are not where we want to be and we miss having a place we can call home. When we feel displaced we can have moments of depression, sadness, frustration and it is important to not cave in to such emotions. These feeling can be present in any situation, sale or loss of a home, with a loss of a job, relocation, divorce or end of a relationship. Sometimes change can be very hard to overcome yet by staying focused on what you need and want it will be easier to continue on your path. Life is not always easy and change is not always pretty, but your focus, your commitment is what will make all the pieces of your life’s puzzle come together. There are day’s I question myself, there are days that I wish things could come to fruition sooner yet I know that in this journey I am obtaining experiences, knowledge and skills that will come in handy in the near future. Hang in there and stay focused no matter what comes your way and remember challenges are not meant to stop you, instead these are meant to make you stronger.

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