2014 is My Year, a Year of Change and Gratitude

As I reflect on all that has changed in my life this year, I can only sum it up as blessings.

Some may wonder why I choose to call it blessings as not everything is perfect. Yet when I look at my life and how things are coming together, there is no other word that can best describe it.

It is easy to feel sorry for ourselves, to dwell on the things that seem to not be working and focus on what we don’t have. Yet this journey of mine was about change. It was about changing from within. The truth is that nothing around me could change until I did. Nothing around me could seem better until I did. Nothing around me would make sense until I did. You get where I’m going with this?

I had to stop talking about faith, I had to stop saying “I believed” and I had to begin living it. I had to learn to push aside doubt, to push aside fear; I had to commit to my faith. How do we commit to our faith when things don’t seem right? When our struggles are alive and well? I wish I had an easy answer for you, but I don’t. You see I had to choose to walk in faith; I had to talk to myself daily and remind myself that there was more for me and that God was in control. I decided to change my self-talk and to overpower the whispers of fear which at times would overpower me. I decided to push forward even when I could not see the next step. You see in order to change what I saw I needed to change who I was. In order to see clearly, I had to clean the lens through which I observed life. In order for me to get over my fears, I had to face them in faith.

As I reflect at my life especially in 2014 I can tell you that 2014 is my year. It is the year in which the pieces of my puzzle came together and the picture although not complete now makes sense.

As I write this, my heart is filled with joy, excitement and curiosity. Curiosity to see what’s next, what new experience will come my way.

Life has ups and downs, but it’s our attitude toward life that will open or close doors.

Make the choice to move in faith and commit to your journey.