A New Phase in Your Journey is About to Unfold!

Don’t ever think you know too much or that you have learned all you need to learn. The truth is that we are in constant learning and everything we learn is just preparing us for a bigger lesson. We need to become and stay hungry for more. It’s funny because as I use the word “hungry” I remember that when I began this journey and was reading books on self-improvement and on change, I felt hungry for more. I wanted to understand the different views and to understand what worked for each one according to their experiences. That hunger kept me focused and it made me search, read and explore.

This journey began in 2008; 6 years later I am still in awe and full of that hunger. I can honestly tell you that now even more than before. Why? Because I have seen in my own life what the power of the mind can do and I have experienced in my life what the power of committing to your faith can do. You see, nothing is learned by just reading, we need to apply the lessons. However those lessons can only truly take hold when we commit to learning, to growing, to expanding. In the past I was very quick to give it a try and to quit because even when I had reached the goal I could not envision sustaining it. In fact that fear still attempts to hold me back today, however today; I am very good at dismissing these thoughts. You see, I made a choice to commit to my faith and to not just believe in God’s mercy but to KNOW his mercy. With that commitment I began to push forward.

Life will always bring forward challenges and it will cause setbacks but when it does, I will choose to pause long enough to absorb the intended lesson and move forward with what I have learned. Remember those lessons are preparing us or the next phase in our lives Don’t ever think you arrived to your final destination and don’t ever believe you know too much or that you’ve learned all you need to learn. In fact, a new phase in your journey is about to unfold.

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