You Might Be Here!

You might be here! Q- How do I find my options? A- First get clear on what you want and why you want it. Second, research! Doing the research may not be easy but if you are clear on what you want you will find what you need. Q- How can I create change without money? A- Money is the key to everything right? Well it does make things easy but money without determination and a commitment from you won't create your dreams. So rather than focusing on lack of money, focus on what you want, begin to define the steps you must take and prioritize them. You will be surprised at how much you can do with little to know money. Will you need money? YES! But there is much you can do prior to reaching that point and by then you will know for sure what you need or don't. Q- What if I fail? A - You will fail for sure if you stay stuck in this question. Don't give the word failure such importance as there is more value in the lessons learned in each attempt. Q- What if others don't believe in me? A- You're in good company, many of those that succeed have been laughed at, thought crazy, talked about, criticized and later on been glorified by those who did not believe. Q - How can I overcome my fears? A - By recognizing we all fear. Even those that seem to have it all together have fears. The trick is that some use that fear as a catalyst to moving forward. Therefore feel the fear but choose to move forward despite it.

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