Life Line

I find that many of us are in what seems to be a dark pit, it’s very deep, cold and the light we see is very faint. We hope to capture more of it hoping it will show us our way out, but it’s not bright enough in our opinion as the darkness is overpowering. Then something happens…..for an instant we get to feel a warmth from that light, we feel hope in our bones, we feel attracted to this thing that if we could only hold on to would help us out from the dark and into the light. Yet its short lived because in order to follow this new line of hope we have to let go of it so we can embark in our journey back up. When we let go, the fears quickly settle back in, self-doubt in our ability to achieve and sustain that which we dared hope for, and we even begin to doubt that hope was even real.

That hope is not fake, its real…it’s a life line sent to you to help you find your way up. Yes, you will have to focus on that journey and in that process you will question it all, but that hope if you tap into it will push you forward. It will motivate you to move, to search and to fight.

That hope no matter how faint it may be is strong enough and it’s there reaching out for you.

That dark pit in which you find yourself can only consume you if you stay in it….the way out; is hope and to move forward you must put your faith in the light no matter how faint it may seem, because as you keep moving up you will begin to notice how bright this light shines for you.

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