2013 My Transition Year!

I did not know I would be ending my marriage on January 2013, I knew things were not good but I did not imagine I would be taking such a drastic step. What was even scarier was that I was doing so knowing my job was about to end after almost 10 years at the same company. Although I had uncertainty in my heart I also knew that it was time. I had reached to point of no return and I knew that there was nothing left to save. I made the decision to walk away from my marriage and took on whatever life would throw my way. June 2013, I lost my job and with it I was now facing my fears. I was now alone, without a job and at the risk of losing my home. December 2013, I lost my unemployment benefits, had no money coming in and no job in sight, the competition was tough. My daughter who was a high school student at the time, working part time at Burger King was my sole income. She did the groceries and helped pay some bills, of course late and less than needed but she pulled us through. Why am I sharing this with you? I never once lost sleep throughout this time; I had an overwhelming faith that helped us keep it together. We had many laughs, and we made it through. During this time I also began to venture through “Life According to Me” and changed its name to “Eileen Gonzalez – Life According to Me”. I did so because I believed in the message; I knew in my heart that giving the best of me meant sharing with you my journey no matter how difficult it could be. If I wanted to reach you I needed to be prepared to come clean and be honest, because that is what many of you needed. You needed someone that could connect, someone that cared enough to lay it all on the line and tell you that things could be alright. During my hard times, my faith got stronger and my commitment to my daughter was front and center. I had made up my mind that as I progressed through all this chaos, as I became a Warrior through my challenges, my daughter would learn how to do the same and see me as a strong woman. May 2014, my divorce was final but I was still without a job. June 2014 I landed a job which I knew from the moment I set out for the interview, I knew it would be mine…..I could feel it. After 6 interviews for the same position, I started my new job on June 25th 2014. I knew how much I needed to make and although I was in need, I did not waiver, I asked for the money and I got it. July 30th, 2014 we closed on our short sale and we walked out free from further debt. The Sunday after, I was approved for my apartment. All this with no savings………during the interview they asked me for dates, there were two available apartments but I did not have enough money to take either. Therefore I gave them November 15th as a possible date; I was asked if November 7th was an option and without hesitation I said….YES! My sister was with me that day and she was nervous for me as she knew I would have a small window to do much with little money, but I said YES! I began to imagine myself in my apartment; in fact, I would drive down to look at the complex. Would walk through the model home constantly and take pictures. I needed to feel the connection. I began to worry as I was not hearing much and I knew that typically people move in the summer however I continued to see myself in my apartment knowing I would spend Thanksgiving at my new place. On October 2014 I got the call as I drove home from work…….an apartment with my specifications was available for NOVEMBER 7th….yes that same date I had agreed to. On November 7th, we moved in to our new home and we have been enjoying our new place ever since. My life is far from perfect however whatever we do in faith, will create greatness. Whatever we do in doubt and in fear will create chaos. I am a true believer that when we cancel the noise and put our hearts on what we need; things will get better, but we must do so in trust, with an unwavering faith that can’t be shaken.

While you do this there will be those that will doubt you, they will speak sadness or fear onto you and they will do this out of their own fear and love for you, but you must remain steady. Because the faith must come from within….remember this is your journey and it is you who must walk down this path. Therefore know in your heart that things do happen and as bad as they may seem, there is something we are getting out of it….there is something we are to learn. Those lessons no matter how painful are helping us prepare for the future that awaits us and for us to fulfill the purpose bestowed upon us. 2013 was a tough year….it was my TRANSITION year but it was in 2013 that I got stronger and became a true WARRIOR!

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