To 2015, I Raise my Glass and Accept the Challenge - Bring It!

Exciting times.....I have learned so much about myself in the past few months; more than I even thought possible. You know when you think you have covered allthe basis but you really haven't touched the surface? Yes, that would be me. LOL

Hopes & Dreams, Men, Friendships and Weight Loss.......I thought I was well versed in each of these, at least to a certain degree "haha"; but 2015 sent me back to the drawing board. I must tell you, this can and has been scary at times but there is a renewed excitement in my heart. Nothing has gone as I expected but I think that is part of the grand plan. This is all part of pushing me toward a brand new me.....which is what I always strive to be. The only thing is that sometimes we strive to be better at who we know we can be leaving no room for the endless possibilities.

Nothing in life is certain, and nothing is how it seems but what is guaranteed is that if we are open and allow ourselves to feel, explore and learn; we will become who we were always meant to be.

There are moments I shake my head and I need others to lend me a helping hand but guess what? Even those moments of weakness are stepping stones to get where I need to be.

So to 2015 with all ts ups and downs I say cheers; I raise my glass & celebrate you, and for all the challenges you are to bring my way; I stand up and say "BRING IT"!