In My Lifetime!

In my lifetime I have met several people that want to do things yet hide behind The “lack of approval” from others to not do. They really were not held back by another person, they were held back by their own fear/insecurities. They hid behind the “lack of approval” as a way to not face the truth; “FEAR”. I have learned to dream big and believe in my abilities to achieve. I have learned to be accountable, taking responsibility on how I think, speak and act and not blame others for my lack. In my lifetime I have met a several people that never cared about others approvals, instead they had a vision and they held steady on their goals no matter how many times they came face to face with failure…….I learned from those people that failure was just a temporary setback and that if you are clear on where you are headed, you will not be distracted by challenges in the road. In my lifetime I have met several people that think they know it all. Do you know any one like that? Before you tell your story, their story is bigger, before you tell them your idea, they know why it does not work, etc……… I have learned to not share my life with those people as they add no value or support to my life. In my lifetime I have learned to surround myself with good, strong, positive people.

I still have people around me that are weak or negative and I do spend time with them howev

I have learned to not be absorbed by their issues. I have learned to expect good rather than expect bad. I have learned to give more than I want to receive, to love myself and others more than I need to be loved and to have faith in me and my higher source regardless of not having the answers. Today I know that everything I do benefits someone, I might not know them, I might never see their face yet I know that everything I do, helps someone and I LIKE IT. Today I know that I am open to learning, exploring and being myself and I LIKE IT. Today I know that no matter what anyone thinks, they might not like my grammar, my accent, my color, my weight, my style, my education, I LOVE ME just as I AM.