Replace your Defeated mentality with a Warrior mentality

There is nothing worse than a defeated mentality. We manage to convince ourselves that nothing can get better, that we will never improve. We believe we do not deserve or are meant for better. When this happens we dig our hole even deeper, with every negative word we speak over our lives, we go deeper into our darkness. Those that want to motivate us will try to speak light into our lives, yet we are so blinded by the darkness that we will push them away. We will think ill of them, we will get vicious with our words because after all "It is clear we are defeated and anyone that can't see it must be blind or stupid". Well, they're not, they are not blind or stupid, they are just seeing our issues from an outside perspective. They are not consumed by pain so they are trying to lift us up and cheer us on toward a better path. Yet for us to accept that motivation we must believe that we deserve better. You might be thinking, "You don't know me, no one will come to motivate me". You might be right, not everyone has someone on their side cheering them on and in that case you need to be your biggest cheerleader. How? You must believe you deserve better, you must know in your heart that you can do more. You must tap into your inner strength and choose to move forward even if you do not have all the answers or a clear path.

Think about this.....when we allow ourselves to be defeated, we give up. When we give up, we not only give up on ourselves, we give up on our loved ones. Now, let me ask you, if you give up on your loved ones, who will be there for them? If you are not around to create the change that can get yourself and your loved ones back on track, who will? We all go through problems, we all have heartache and fears. Yet we all have the potential of doing a little more. I can't tell you what you need to do, how you need to do it or what you need to aim for. Only you can define it and only you can decide to fight for it. But I am here to tell you that you deserve much more. You were not meant to live defeated, you are not meant to live broken. You were meant to succeed. Success? Yes, you are meant for success and success is defined by you. It is not what I think or what anyone else thinks or's what makes you happy, what fulfills you and empowers you to create the life you envisioned for you and your loved ones. Do yourself a favor, push aside that defeated mentality, reclaim your life. A warrior can't get into the ring if he already believes he lost the fight. A warrior must go in with all he has, he must give it all for the shot at success

Replace your defeated mentality with a warrior mentality.

You deserve better!