That Person

That person walking beside you might be wondering why or how to carry on? That person who gave you a bad look, might not have even been looking at you he might be seeing his / her situation. That person that was rude to you might be crying for help. That person who stormed out pushing you as they left might be in desperation as their world collapses around them. It is easy for us to judge others, disregard them, and label them as losers or worse. Yet looking into their eyes and seeing the pain is much harder. Why? It’s harder because we tend to be caught up on what we felt when we encountered that person, we focused on the discomfort we felt rather than noticing their pain. If we put down our ego and understood people hurt we might be able to make a difference. That person might not even realize how they are perceived; chances are they are walking in their darkness, its all they see and all they feel. They can’t enjoy life, they can’t perceive happiness, and they are lost in darkness. We might not be able to take away their pain, but we can be that glimpse of hope. Sometimes that person just needs to be seen, accepted. Our smile might be that ray of hope they need. Kindness might warm their heart; small conversation might break the ice. A compliment might replace hurtful words they are used to hearing. We can choose to be abrupt and give them a piece of our mind, or we can choose to be a healer, to give kindness, to share light. We never know what is going on inside that person who we encounter, you just might be the light that they need to find their way, and you might be the hand that helps them hold on rather than quitting on life. That Person is not just a random person, that person is there and so are will you be that person to acknowledge and give them hope; or will you fail to see that person who might be in some way very similar to you?

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