Not Just Coincidence!

There is something greater at work than coincidence. There is a reason why people meet; there is a reason why someone or something catches your eye even if for just one second. There is a reason you overheard a conversation, a noise, a song or a cry. There is a reason why we come across roadblocks, barriers and challenges. Life does not always make sense and sometimes understanding what is happening takes times and maybe somethings will NEVER be understood. But I believe from my personal experiences, the good and the bad that I have met every person who has helped me on my journey. Some made me cry much, some made me laugh and others left me questioning myself and that around me. No matter what they did in my life they left me with a lesson…….some were painful lessons, but never the less valuable. Today as I welcome new people into my life, new challenges and experiences I do so with a happy go lucky attitude. Why? Because I don’t have a crystal ball to predict my future but I have faith in my Higher Source who tells me to keep moving in faith and in time all the questions I have will be answered and all the fears I have will fade in light and all the dreams that I have will become reality. How? Well by simply walking in faith and accepting that I know nothing more than I am a Woman who is undergoing change; I am work in progress, being molded by every person, event and thing that comes into my life.

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