Cleanup On Aisle 9

Imagine this; you are walking through the aisles of your favorite supermarket. As you enter your favorite isle you sense something, you may even hear a low rumble, and all of a sudden all the items on both sides of the shelves come crashing down. At first you are startled and can’t believe what is happening before and around you…you are now standing in the midst of chaos. You look at the floor around you trying to figure out how to get through this and wondering how this mess can be picked up. As you look through the mess, you see some items are made of glass, thus they are completely destroyed by the impact with their content completely spilled on the floor. You also notice some items are plastic and although bent or scratched, some survived the fall while others only lost some of its content. As you look a bit closer you notice some items that simply were not altered by the fall. If any scratch, it’s mainly superficial, those items completely survived the fall. But yet, you are in the middle of the chaos and to move forward you will need to begin the cleanup. You feel confused, pained and you may even feel weak. You may feel as if this chaos is too much for you to handle, you see no end to the task before you and fear attempts to keep you in the same place you were when it all came crumbling down. (Click on image for audio) I want you to now imagine yourself looking at the mess, and I want you to feel the sense emerge within you that you need to find your way…..that you cannot and will not stay where you are. To get moving you will need to begin picking up one piece at a time. As you do this you can’t help but take inventory of the loss, and of what you still have and as you do this, you begin to toss out those items that did not make it through the fall, you begin to assess the damage of those that were dented and you begin to put aside those that completely survived. It is a long task before you but knowing that not all was lost gives you a sense of hope….you see as you take inventory you feel stronger because although you lost something, that which remains will serve you as a foundation to create and build more and even better. Even though at first it may feel as if you are left empty handed it’s not true; you are just left with what you need to get started on your new journey. This clean up process can take hours or days, in fact the cleanup will take as long as it takes you to recognize and understand your situation and commit to creating your path.

Chaos is part of creation and in fact sometimes things have to be destroyed in order to give way to new. We need to be broken down in order to be rebuilt; and we need to be shaken up in order to find our strength.

In my life I have found myself in aisle 9 way too many times, the only difference is that each time since my greatest fall, I have been able to assess the situation much quicker and I’m able to begin the process with more excitement and a renewed focus. I have learned that this cleanup process is essential as it allows us to let go of what is no longer serving us, repair the things that need attention and value those things that always worked. Sometimes we simply need to be shaken up and taken off balance to realize what is before us and what truly matters.

  • What is holding you back?

  • What is truly the cause behind your chaos?

  • Do you know, or are you simply labeling your problems without fully understanding the root cause behind your chaos?

I spent years crashing into the same wall, going in circles, making the same mistakes because of my failure to get clear on the true issue. You see I did label my problems.....I gave them labels such as 'broke, not smart enough, uninteresting, ugly or fat" I got so comfortable using labels that not only did I believe them but I even joked about them. I brought them up before those around me did. The problem was that I did so to hide my pain but while doing so I was making them see me with those labels. It was I who was giving life to those labels, it was I who was telling people I was less and it was I who was limiting myself due to those labels. But in order to realize this, I needed to get clear on the true cause of all my problems and address that instead. You see all those labels did not address the root cause, these were just symptoms caused by the problem. My true problem was that I believed in my heart that I did not deserve better, I beleived I would never achieve better and I believed that I was not important. Those beliefs affected my thoughts, my words and my actions and the result was a constant repetition of that which did not work.

Chaos came into my life to remove from me that which did not belong, to show me what does and to give me the strength and courage to choose to create with the little I had. And while I gathered that strength I came to realize that the little I had was always exactly what I needed to help me on my journey to better.

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