That Darn Question "What If?"

When I think back throughout my life I realize I was a prisoner to the darn “What if?” That question kept me from trying new things and from becoming more. It did not matter how much I wanted to do something different, that dam question always found a way of keeping me on the safe side. I use the word “safe” with a bit of sarcasm because I was not really playing it safe, I was just more comfortable in that which I knew even if I did not like what I knew. Does this make sense? Can you relate to this? It was like being OK with my demons since I already knew who and what they were. Oh Lord…..that “What if?” really had a grip on me. (Click on Image for Audio) Today when I think about this question I realize that the question itself is not the issue, it’s how we pose it. You see the “What if?” is imposed by our beliefs or desires. If you pose a question based on fear and doubt the answer will always be of limitation. If you pose a question based on excitement and curiosity the answer will always be of possibility. So what are you asking? I know that my past questions were always based on fear, thus I asked questions such as, and “What if I fail. What if they think I’m stupid? What if I’m not interesting? What if I can’t do it?” Not one question led to a positive….but you see those questions were a testament of my negative thinking. My negativity was keeping me from moving forward. It was all I knew and it was all I allowed myself to believe. But that was then and this is now, and today I understand that the question is based on my emotions…..and this is tied to my mindset. Therefore I need to have a positive outlook in life in order to be able to expect good things. What I expect be it good or bad will determine what words follow the “What if?” Look at your life, at your results… you like where you are today? Do you like your current situation? What would you like to change and how open are you to changing it? You see these questions quickly will trigger the “What if?” What’s sad about it is that some of us are so accustomed to the negative question that we no longer even have to pose the question as the negative response is already present. Don’t believe it? Here is an example of negative chatter at its worse. Ready? “I want to be a writer, but who am I kidding, I barely passed my English class, I don’t know proper grammar…..what the hell am I thinking?” Did you see that? The “What if?” was present though not mentioned …..It was present because our doubt is always present. “I want to lose weight, but every time I always lose 10 pounds and gain 20, it’s not easy for me, I think I am just meant to be fat” Did you see it? We program ourselves to counteract our wants with reasons as to why we will fail. We are programmed to do this; thus we do not realize that we are sabotaging ourselves with the silent “What if?” You see if we change our mental programming and defy our old beliefs we can change the meaning of the question. “I want to lose weight, what if I got myself a work out buddy? I could probably find motivation. What if I changed my eating habits without sacrificing the things I love? What if I took the stairs rather than the elevator? What if I dropped a size?” We need to get better at asking questions that will inspire us, that will give us ideas, motivate us to take the next step. Because we will never know our full potential if we are unable to move forward.