Life According to Me - My Life Experiences

There are times we can't see clearly because we are stuck in a painful moment, one that clouds our judgment and keeps us trapped in sadness and uncertainty. I know this feeling too well, in fact it almost made me give up on life and end it all. I found my light in my darkest moment and it was because in my darkness I had a glimpse of hope. I have learned that as long as we have life, we have opportunity. I KNOW this in my life, and I know in my heart it's true in yours. (Click on Image to order your copy)

My life has changed so much since I wrote this book, however the lessons I learned are still alive and well and at times I find myself having to focus back on those lessons to help me refocus on what is important today. Yes my life has changed much, but it changed for the better because of what I learned about myself while embarking on this wonderful journey of self improvement.

Never give up on hope, better yet; never give up on YOU!