It's Up to You!

Over the past several years I have learned many valuable lessons. Some easy, yet many hard and painful lessons. But one lesson I have learned which I remind myself each day is that "NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNLESS I CHANGE IT". (Click on Image)

You see we spend so much time wishing for things to get better, hoping that life will get a bit easier but none of it can or will happen unless we create it. Look, you know I am a believer and I credit GOD with being that force within me.; yet I have learned that in order to find GOD within me I had to learn to move forward in faith. You may not believe in GOD and I am not going to try to persuade you in any way. Call it whatever you want, "positive energy, Universe.....I really don't care what you call it". But know that in order for us to create better we need to move toward better. Wishing for things to just happen, for people to change, and for challenges to go away is not going to happen. Change starts with starts with me.

Everyday, I hear a nagging voice in my head trying to hold me back and every day there is another voice which I have given permission to be louder and it tells me TO GET UP AND FIGHT.

Don't let the voices of fear, uncertainty and of past failures keep you from giving your all. If you want better, you will have to step out of what you know and dare walk in to the unknown....cause that is where you will find what you are truly made of.

About me........

When I decided to divorce, I knew I was about to lose my job and I knew that I was in danger of losing my family advised against it, they told me to hold on as I needed the money. I chose to leave it all and start from scratch. Life was not easy but I knew in my heart I would make it. When I decided to begin this page, I was afraid of rejection, being ridiculed, or considered boring or unable to engage. I chose to start this journey despite the negative chatter. I even dared make videos and expose myself at my heaviest. Why? Because in order to grow I needed to push past my fears and weaknesses. Losing weight has always been a challenge for me and I have felt shame for years, struggles with self image as many others do. Yet I share my progress via pictures because it is a struggle for many of us and if I can motivate someone to take on their own challenge, then I want to be that person to motivate you. I dare imagine better every day, and some days I need to give myself a pep talk or I need a friend to slap some sense into me. And that brings me to another point.....surround yourself with people who want to see you grow, want to see you succeed. You don't need people to hold you back and remind you of your past need people who will celebrate your accomplishments and will push you toward reaching your dreams.!coaching/c5ro