I Lost My Way!

You know life is complicated, full of challenges. Yet many of the challenges are made more difficult by our inability to cope with the situation. Lessons can be hard to learn yet we can learn them right? However I can tell you that this year I have been torn from the inside out........the truth is I needed to experience all of it, yet it has been a challenge. What was my downfall?

Well the truth is that wanting to feel love was my biggest downfall. You see loneliness can make lose sight of what matters. Feeling lack in life makes us focus on a void yet the void is part of an emotion. An emotion which if left unchecked can take a life of its own and create more lack. It can make us feel unwanted, resentful, not worthy, you name it. So in some way I lost focus of what mattered, I stopped speaking to God, why? Well not because I was angry or disappointed in him but because I allowed my grief or personal frustration to take me away from my path....from his presence. Let's face it, He is everywhere and in everything but when we get lost our vision gets clouded, thus we fail to see and hear. Why do I share this with you?

I share this because my life is an open book and in order for me to help you, I need to help me. And in order for me to be truthful to you, I must be truthful to me. You see I am a voice......I believe in my heart that my purpose is to help others find their light......which means I must be honest in my own journey....because through my setbacks, sadness and overall experiences I can see it's not about falling it’s about rising. It not about feeling fear, it’s about moving despite the fear. It's not about breaking apart; it’s about picking up the pieces and creating something new.