Just Say NO!

Oh many times have you found yourself saying yes to things you know you wish you could say "no" too. Well the truth is nothing stops you from saying NO, except for this false sense of guilt you feel. Why say yes to things that make you feel bad? Why give in to things that you know do not help you in any way? Why put yourself in situations that are uncomfortable or that can lead to more problems? Hey.....just say NO! If it does not feel right, don't do it, don't allow it, don't put yourself in that situation or set yourself up for trouble. You call the shots and trust me, those that want to make you say "yes" will go to any extent to try to convince or manipulate you, however that will only last a bit, because soon they will realize that your "NO" is NO and they like it or not it is where you stand. What have I learned? I have learned that there is a freedom unlike any other that comes from putting yourself first. You feel empowered and you walk taller when you know that you by choice will not allow others to walk over you or use you at their convenience. And since I used the words "You by choice", let's quit using the words "I can or I can't" instead let's call it as it is...."I will or I won't". Let's be honest......I can do anything I want to do and that comes by what I choose to do; therefore I will or I won't. No one can stop me from doing, they can get in my way, they can throw roadblocks but at the end what I do will be determined by what I decide I will do. Therefore if you take anything of value from this message, let it be that you dare to say and do as you want. That you have the freedom to put yourself first and that you will by choice say NO when you feel that it best serves you. Let it be that you will not relinquish your power by using the limiting words of I can't and instead you will replace it by the power of the words "I won't".

OK....don't hyperventilate..... if saying no and putting yourself first seems weird to you...then think of it this way. "Saying NO to someone is a gift you give them. Because sometimes those that use you have really lost their own way and rely on you and others to bail them out or make their lives better. Therefore saying NO, forces them to take a long hard look at their own lives and make choices that may seem uncomfortable at the time but in time can give them back their own power".