It's Who I am From Within that Matters

I used to think that my size made me either dumber or smarter...but through this journey I realized I am always the same person. You see that which we identify as ourselves is our meat suit, it is what we we wear here on earth. Yet we are more than what meets the eye. We are truly a soul wearing a body. Yes, we must care for that body as we need it, yet who we are is much greater. It is our essence, it is who we are from within that truly makes us beautiful or ugly. Of course we all want to look good and appealing to the eye, yet beauty without kindness is not true beauty, in fact beauty without kindness fades fast.

I am proud of my journey and my accomplishments but today, I am not defined by my weight but by the woman I am from within.

Its been a journey, 58 lbs later and I still have work to do but its good to remember where one begins so we can celebrate our accomplishments and feel motivated to continue toward better!