Living in Shame!

Mistakes happen and such happen to all of us. So why do we live in shame from our mistakes? Ok, so let's be honest, some mistakes are definitley more painful than others and the pain can linger on for a long time. Some mistakes even involve others and when this happens the healing process can be much harder. However as painful as it all may be we must stop being so hard on ourselves. We must understand that no one is exempt from screwing up and we must forgive ourselves for we are not perfect. "Let He who is without sin, cast the first stone", there is a reason for this quote in the Bible.....cause no one is really without sin, thus why live with so much shame?

I am not saying we should not care, yes we should. We should care so much that we should repent of our wrong doings and commit to never repeating. However we should not go about life carrying the weight of our mistakes because by doing so we make it harder to move forward toward better. And isn't it by moving on toward better that we can live up to our commitment of not repeating such mistakes? Isn't it by moving on toward better that we may be able to make up or right some wrongs from our past? If your response was yes to either or both questions, then the anwer must also be YES to forgiving ourselves and moving on. Let's face it, we can't undo the past. We can't bring back the dead and we can't put back what's broke. But we can live a life of honor, we can be humble and learn to give the very best of ourselves from this moment on. We can learn from those mistakes and choose to let our actions serve as a testament of the new person we have become. That is the best way to make up for the past, by becoming a better person and allowing our deeds rather than our words tell our story. Shame.....why live in shame, when it won't fix anything?

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