Look Up!

Look up......, Have you ever felt lonely, broken and confused and all of a sudden looked up; took in the view only to feel uplifted? I am not a photographer and I might not be able to capture the most beautiful views but I can tell you that I have looked up in my most vulnerable moments and have had my breath taken away by the most majestic views. I think or better yet, I believe that GOD gives us a nudge as to make us to look up, and remind us that He is always with us.

As I look at the pictures on this post, I can only imagine what goes through the mind of the photographer. What motivates him to stop whatever he is doing to simply capture a moment. Is it love of art? Or ist it the hope that is found within beauty, the beauty of nature or the beauty of what Man can create. I think we are inspired by something great. I think that God has provided us with his art work and allowed us to enjoy art from mankind in order for us to to be humble, thankful and open to wonderful things in life.

Take some time to look up, cherish every moment, every view and simply say "Thank You" as that spectacular view was meant for your eyes to see.