Bad Day!

Oh Lord....You know how you start your day and it seems at first like an ordinary day until that one thing happens and it all goes to hell? Well yesterday was that day for me.

My day went to hell around 10am. I did my best to play it off and to not let it consume me yet the events were not good and the expected outcome no matter if OK, was not going to be a positive outcome. Well, it was a really bad day and to make it even worse, the night did not help. It was simply one of those days you wish you could just crawl back in bed and do a doover. The problem with this silly wish is that I could've gotten in bed as many times as possible, yet I would have relived the bad event because it was something that happened while I dozed off and got caught off guard. There was no hiding from these events. So here we a bad day, with a bad set of circumstances and having to make decisions to help regain my balance. Look, shit happens and that is the simple truth. We could take precaution or be proactive but when that fails, we are left with dealing with the consequences. I had a really bad day, a shitty day. What can I do? Well, for one thing I must understand that I am still alive, thus that means I have opportunity. I can't undo, erase, or redo but I can pick up the pieces and move forward. One thing I have learned is that we all MESS UP...notice how I kept it PG. We do mess up, and when we do, we deal with it. We can't live in regret or in shame. We just deal with it. People can try to bring you down but mainly if you live by want to shut them up......OWN your mistakes! Yeah, you read it correctly, OWN IT. People expect you to apologize, to feel shame and to blame others, so surprise them. OWN IT and take responsability. "Yes, I messed up, it was me. I could've done it differently, but I didn't". Trust me, they will want to bash you but you did it for them. You took away their power. And you know what else you did? You empowered yourself to find the solution. We can't clean up our mess while crying over it, we can only clean it up by being in control and committed to better, whatever better means to you.

Don't let shame keep you from reaching your goals.....Its OK to mess up, and its OK to start over and do better!

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