Self and I at the Beach

Self and I went out today, we chose the beach as it was a peaceful place after the difficult week I had. I was glad to see Self enjoy the views without complaint, after all I do hate a complainer. So here we were, Self and I walking on the sand; it was a bit chilly I must say, yet beautiful, the air was fresh, the smell of and sounds of the ocean were overwhelmingly peaceful. All of a sudden, Self said, "Hon look up" and I responded, "Yes, another beautiful view of God's artwork". Self said, "No momma.....God gave you another day, one more chance; so forgive yesterday and enjoy today".

I must admit....Self is quite a catch and a cheap date too" LOL Sometimes we need to spend time alone to put things in perspective. We may not find all the answers as to why things don't go as planned, work out or simply happen. But when you reconnect with self, you get the answers and guidance you need to move forward. GOD or your Higher Source, has given you and me all that we need to reach out potential but He will not do it for us.....He requires us to use the tools bestowed upon us to fulfill the tast emposed on us. Look Up.....Breathe....Smile and Choose to be the best version of You!