Bold Decisions

WOW!! Last week was a nightmare, I was really brought to my knees at work. I was basically given the opportunity to walk away on my own or being fired eventually.......well like many of you, I need my income. However I must admit, this is a dead end job thus other than the salary, I wont miss it much. As I look back at my time at this place, I can tell you I have been holding on by a thin thread, not because I am not capable but becaue I simply do not like my job. This morning I woke up with a mission, I was going to make this a great week....little did I know that in a few hours I would be typing my resignation letter. Nope..... I don't have an official job, and I don't have tons of money in savings but I do have something which makes it all good..... I have a fire in my belly, excitement in my heart and a commitment that will help me not only be ok, I will just fine. Life is full of lessons and full of challenges, yet none of these are meant to stop us in our tracks. These are basically meant to make us stronger, equip us with skills and help us with the tool we need to be on our way to the better version of ourselves. Yeah, I know, making bold choices can be really scary and many may deem you insane. But, when you know you are trapped, when you know nothing you do is leading you toward better and you keep on doing it....then that is truly insane.

I am very proud of my bold choice, I have fear, I must admit, but the excitement will carry me toward the new path before me.