When we are not clear on what we want we leave ourselves open to mismatch. This is true in careers, jobs, relationships, the list goes on. Why mismatch? Well, we kinda know what we want....let's use a job for example. We want a job for money, money is good. We want a job to feel productive and maybe even reach a goal. But what does productive look and feel like? Does being productive mean doing a task we don't like over and over and over again just for pay? Can we reach a goal if we have no clear path or vision toward it? Let's think of career; we sometimes go to school and spend years training for a career that is in no way connected to our dreams. We study that which supposedly earns high pay. Yet will we be successful in a career we can't stand? Will we be able or will we commit to such career when wer don't truly enjoy it? How about that relationship........We want a relationship for love, companionship and even stability. But what exactly does love look like? Is it fair to you or your partner to settle for less than you deserve only to try to change them later? Or even worse, is it fair to get involved in someone just because they may help us feel more secure or even comfortable in life? Hmmmm.....I don't think that is what love is about, but I will let you be the judge of that.

Let's face it many of us go about life with a mismatch which leaves us feeling vulnerable and broken. OK, so how do we fix this? Break the cycle. Get clear on what it is you want and why you want it. Understand the value of bringing this into your life and be grateful for all that it brings to you. Be prepared to commit to it, give it the very best of you. Take responsability for you life, every aspect of it because only you can reach your full potential, only you can create grateness and only you can choose to be happy. We are vulnerable to mismatch when we are not clear on what we want. So the question to you is, are you clear?