Giving Up Before Even Trying!

We don't always have all the answers we need, in fact many times we go about life stumbling, confused; yet we keep moving, hoping things will eventually make sense. As I look at my life and I see how far I have come as an individual I realize that having the answers was less important than believing in my potential. To me, walking in faith, taking action even when things have been unclear has been of most value in my life. There is so much I don't know, so much that I am working on figuring out, yet here I am, standing tall, focused on becoming better. After all, we learn as we go....we learn from living! This new version of me refuses to give up without doing my best to achieve.

Careers, Relationships, Dreams.......all these things matter and each deserve our full attention. We must not give up on our goals due to fear of getting hurt. We must not give up on our hopes and dreams because of not knowing if things will work out or be picture perfect. If we do give up, we are not just giving up on what we want, we are giving up on ourselves; we are cheating ourselves from an experience. Why do we at times give up? We simply give in to fear! At times we find it hard to believe we deserve better and when we entertain such thoughts we lose our ability to fight for better. But I ask you, "Don't you deserve a chance to know what you can achieve or not?" I mean if you are going to give up before you try, you simply will never know what could have been. I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend my life wondering about what could have been. I don't want to spend my life regretting what I should have said or done. Will I get everything I want? Probably not! Will I encounter all "Yes's or Open doors"? Most likely not! However I will never know if I am not willing to pursue that which I want and life is not about guessing or assuming. It's time we take action, it's time we choose to walk in faith, it's time we make a conscious choice to jump in head first into our dreams and we give it all we got. If we continue to simply wish for better, we will never achieve that which we deserve.

Our dreams deserve a don't give up before you try....better yet...NEVER GIVE UP!

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