Tomorrow Is In The Works Right Now!

Tomorrow we will see things differently thus our perspective in some way will have changed. What is chaotic for us this moment might not be so much tomorrow. Therefore right now, this moment, we are creating good or bad if we allow ourselves to understand that tomorrow we will be in a different place, then today we will purposely choose to create better so that when we do look back we feel good about the choices we've made. Does this make sense? Let's use an example of a potential new relationship. Two people meet....they can feel a connection yet one of those people may start to over think, may wonder if this connection is too good to be true. He or She may end up cheating themselves of meeting over a cup of coffee, they may rob themselves from that moment which could have made magic. However it does not end in that moment, as tomorrow we see the results. They wake up to the reality of that moment, it was either a missed opportunity or a moment in which they just went for it. Tomorrow, they may look back with tears of regret for what they missed due to the choice to over think or they may rejoice at the thought they took a chance, gave it their all and found magic. Our tomorrow is being created with every decision, every step we take right now