It Just Don't Make Sense!

We will not be able to explain it all and sometimes everything will seem as it’s falling apart. Life will seem unfair and everything will do, simply seems to go wrong. Let’s face it, shit happens. I deal with things with a mindset of “get over it”, that is what I tell myself. However let’s be honest……it’s not easy to get over it especially when things hurt. When you feel your insides ripped from inside you, your heart shredded and you feel like you can’t breathe. How the hell can anyone expect us to get over it?

Well, this is me now saying that we have no other choice. You see we will feel the pain, we will cry the tears, we will believe for some time that there is nothing we can do, but in order for us to move forward we eventually will need to choose to get over it.

Getting over it, does not mean we forget, it does not mean that things simply become easier. Getting over it is a decision to not allow “it” to destroy us. Getting over it, is a choice we do as part of self-preservation, a way to safeguard ourselves and protect our sanity. Getting over it, is a gift….a gift we give to ourselves, permission to Be!

Life will not always make sense, and recovery will not always be easy, but you and I are worth the fight. You and I are worth finding our way and finding our happiness even if for some time we doubt there is any to be found.

Hold on my friends…..hold on with all your might and you will find your light.