You Know What I Mean?

Money is not always the true excuse for us not to try, however without money, moving forward can become very challenging. I know both sides of this… see without money even job searching can be hard. Without money, getting around can be almost impossible and without money, taking care of your health and those you love can be overwhelming. Like I said, I’ve known both sides. When I divorced, a couple of months into the process, I lost my job. I can tell you I was broke beyond belief and I had to re-learn how to just get by. I learned to not care about appearances and I learned to simply make things work with not much. My daughter worked in a fast food restaurant while still in high school: and thanks to her small weekly income we found a way to manage. Things like washing our hair, a warm shower, eating a full dinner; even using china ware was a luxury we could not afford. We took quick showers to not use up all the hot water, we only washed our hair once a week and we used disposable cups , plates and forks to not use the hot water on cold winter days. I remember calling up the heating company to find out how much oil 30.00 would get us. Things were not good, yet somehow we managed and somehow I kept hope in my heart.

Being broke was hard…….but I also got to experience being broke of faith. You see sometimes we are missing something greater than money, we are missing faith. Don’t get me wrong, I am not dismissing the money issue as I just shared with you a personal experience. However I am saying that sometimes we do have the money, but we are missing that light within us which helps us do more. We lack vision, sense of urgency or the belief we can do more. We focus on the “what if” and go over every scenario as to why we should not try that which we want.

This is why when we are looking at our situation we should get clear on what we are feeling. We should be honest about our reality and challenge ourselves to push harder. Like I said before money at times is the problem…..yet you will know that beyond certainty when you have dug deep and removed all the other excuses that live within your heart. Hey, you might even surprise yourself and realize that at times money was just an easy excuse to not try.

I’ve lived through both, and I can tell you that being broke of faith was worse than being broke financially. You know what I mean?