Life is Far from Perfect!

Let's face it, life is far from perfect and if we accepted that fact we might cherish moments, enjoy peace and live in happiness. But for some reason we do not accept that life is far from perfect and we hold on to this unrealistic notion that things have to be wonderful. It all has to go our way and our ability to be heard, seen and recognized will always be present. Well by all means, hold on to that thought and you will be opening the door to Mr Negativity, aka the Devil. He loves it when we give life to these beliefs because dissapointment is right around the corner. We leave that door wide open for him to just prance in and let chaos loose. Look, relationships are not easy; be it romance, friendships or family; new jobs have a learning curve and education, well you need to study. We need to work at that which we want or else the reality we encounter will be far from what we envisioned. Giving life to unrealistic expectations creates a sense of weakness, we are not prepared to face our challenges and find it much harder to come up with solutions. Why? Simple, we are too busy whining about why things did not work out the way we planned. Well, it worked out just as we planned because we set ourselves for failure from the very start. That is what we do when we push forward with unrealistic expectations. So here we are, we allowed Mr Negative into our world, he came in and he quickly sets shop. Oh trust me, he is not going to relax cause he is on a mission. You see he is not going to give you a chance to rethink your plan, he is going to add more fuel to the fire, he is going to showcase your disspointment and give it wings. Of course, you can do something about it and shut him up. But for that you will need to be willing to accept that life is far from perfect, shit happens and we are capable of cleaning up the mess even if that means getting dirty, struggling, shedding tears and being confused for some time. Life is not easy but it can be lived. How we choose to live life, how we choose to face our challenges and who we choose to be will determine the outcome of our lives. You see, we will always face challenges, yet our attitude toward such will allow us to either overcome these or to become victims. When we choose to fight, when we choose to push past our fears and to rise up from each fall or so called failure we shut the door of weakenss and we open the door to opportunity. Oh and the Devil, he can't walk in through the door of opportunity because that door is light. He lives in darkness, in our fears, in our weakness. Thus understand that life is far from perfect and CHOOSE to make the very best of it. Choose to give the very best of yourself because you are possible. Life is far from perfect, but we can create grateness with the right attitude, and a desire to give the very best of ourselves.