Oh Crap Another Resolution!

Oh boy, the new year is around the corner and here I am still not completeing my current year goals. What happened? Why did I get side tracked? Does this sound familiar? You know why! So let's not waste too much time trying to figure it out and most of all; let's not fall in to the blame or shame game; it's not worth our time and it won't help us in our journey toward better. Ok, so let's regroup. Which of your current goals were ridiculous? Yup, I went there. You know well that some of our goals were either unrealistic or we simply were not fully vested into realizing them. So let's call them out as such and either scrap them or redefine them into doable goals. But let's not stop there, once we are clear on what we truly want and feel a connection to these goals we need to set up a reasonable timeline. Hold up.......let's back up a little I said, "Let's get clear on what we truly want and feel a connection too these goals". What does that mean? Cause I want a million dollars, I want an Audi A7 and I want to travel the world. LOL. Well the truth is, as far fetched as that may seem, I do want all those things and in some way these goals are not unreasonable. However to want them in the next month or so may very well be unreasonable. That is why its important to have a clear understnading of what we truly want, and what having them will mean to our lives. It is important to understand what will raise us to the next level, what will help bring us closer to our higher source, and what will help us give the very best of ourselves. You see once we understand this, we can and will connect to such goals. Once we connect we will be on our way to fulfill those needs. The funny thing is; that fulfilling these needs won't feel as work as we will be enjoying our journey toward completion. So, get clear on what your wants and needs are and then set reasonable timelines. Why do I say reasonable? Simple, you and I are busy, we already have hectic schedules, responsabilities and our time is not always just our time. Therefore by being realistic with our timeline we can commit to adding something else to our schedule, we will make time for it and room for it in our lives. You see when we are not clear on why things are important in our lives its hard to squeeze them in, as we already feel we are pulled in a million directions. Thus it is important to be clear and find that connection. As we near the end of the year, lets make the time to reassess our current goals, our needs and wants and redefine what we want to acheive in this coming year. Let's do so not be claiming defeat upon the current year resolutions; but by understanding that we simply did not fully understand what was truly important to us. Make sense? If so get busy doing......If not, then feel free to ask for clarification.

A New Years Resolution is personal, its about reaching your highest potential. Don't treat it as a competition as your toughest competitor must always be your old self. Always seek to better yourself with the intent of sharing the very best of you with the world.