Holding On to What?

It’s important to hold on to faith, and it’s important to think of the glass half full. I preach this all the time yet that does not mean I am deaf to the pain of others. That does not mean I am blind to the suffering of those around us. You see when we are in pain, when we are struggling to find a way, to pay our mortgage, to save a relationship or to save the life of a loved one or even our own, holding on to faith is the hardest thing to do. How can we; when all we see is darkness, all we feel is sorrow. Yet as much as I know this not only in theory but I have endured such pain, years ago I struggled to save my home which I had to sell as part of a short sale after my divorce. I know how it feels to fail at a marriage, have bad relationships with a child and most of all be broke, so broke I could barely pay my bills or feed my daughter. Yet somehow I managed to hold on to faith, an unwavering faith that kept telling me things would get better. It saddens me when I hear voices crying out for help or in desperation. It saddens me when I read posts of people giving up on life; giving up on the world it saddens me when I see people go about life simply existing but no longer living. But as much as it saddens me I can't help but understand that they are reacting in agreement with their situation, and to the only truth they know. I pray for those that find themselves in sorrow today. My heart goes out to each and every one of you who feel lost without hope. I want you to know that I've been there too, and I have felt fear beyond words. I don't know why I was spared and I don't know how it truly happened, but somehow I found enough strength to hold on to a little bit of hope I had found some time ago. I held on to it with all my might and I chose to believe. I chose to believe in something bigger than me, something bigger than what I could dare to imagine. If you know someone who is struggling to hold on you must practice more listening, you need to be present and share compassion. Preaching, judging, trying to fix everything will not help.

Instead you need to be a friend. You need to help them think, let them bounce ideas off you and simply support them. Let them know you enough to not think you have all the answers but to understand you must be a rock for them to lean on when they are weak. You see when others can't hold on to hope, we must be that hope. When others can't find the light, we must be that light. When others are about to give up, we must be there to carry them. Sometimes instead of speaking faith, we must be it.....we must be the action. I pray for you my friends, I have known this pain and as much as my life has changed for the better, the memories of such pain live in my mind. I have moved away from that time yet not too far from it to forget. And in some way I don't want to forget because remembering helps me connect with those that need the most. We are not here to judge others, we are here to lift them and if we can't think of ways to do so, we can always do so in prayer. Hold on to faith my friends, even if it’s just a little bit of faith.....because when you grab on with all your might, your faith will guide you toward your light.