It's OK!

In order to feel empowered we must be able to embrace that which has tested us and broken us. We must be able to accept we failed at something and we must be able to accept that if we had the chance we may have done it differently. We must also be able to recognize and reconcile with the fact that we can't change the past but we can create a better today.

If we go about life with the notion that we can't think of mistakes as temporary failures, we may be ignoring what we feel. So if we go about pretending that it ain't so bad we may go about life resenting not only the past but our inability to own up to our life.

So face your life, be honest with yourself but don't do it in a critical way. Do it with the same compassion you may share with me if I opened up to you. Do it with the same love and forgiveness you would grant someone that feels beaten up and unsure of how to go on.

Its Ok to have failed, its OK to feel fear and its OK to not know what to do next. We all know those feelings, but just as it is OK to feel these it is more than OK to refuse to let it define you.

Life is a school and school is in session. The difference is that the school of life is always in session thus you are always being taught. You don't get to put your notebook away and take the weekends off. Every day you are faced with a new experience, so be prepared to be taught.

You know how they say, "Do or Don't, there is no Try"? I agree with this saying in some areas but I don't think it fits every scenario in our lives. Especially when the lessons we are being taught require us to change from within. There are things we can't simply change over night, in fact it may take days, months or sometimes even years of contnous effort to break free from habits. Therefore we must "Continously Try". We must be of the mindset that we will forgive ourselves for setbacks, we will choose to get up after each fall and we will try it again. Life is a school and school is in session and you as a good student you will choose to learn the lessons and push yourself further.